Cupcakes, Yummee!

Cupcakes are a favourite with children and adults alike!

At our Cupcake Party guests make their own cupcakes from scratch, using only the freshest and tastiest ingredients.  Each child makes 4 generous sized cupcakes and they get to pick the colour of their own cupcake cases.  While the cupcakes are baking the children decorate their cupcake boxes, which holds their 4 cupcakes, and which they get to bring home with them at the end of the party.  When the cupcakes are baked the decorating stage begins.  Each child makes their own bowl of icing, the colour of which they pick themselves, and which they use for decorating their cupcakes.  They are provided with fondant icing, in a selection of colours, which they roll out and from which they cut various little shapes such as flowers, stars, butterflies etc., to help them to create beautifully decorated cupcakes.  They also have a selection of sweets and sprinkles to add to the decorating fun.  The level of detail and creativity displayed by children during the decorating stage is very impressive and never ceases to impress!  Each child also gets a Baking Certificate at the end of the party.

Everything that is needed for the Cupcake Party is provided with the exception of the oven.  This allows you to  sit back and enjoy all the fun in the knowledge that all the cleaning and washing up is taken away and any mess is tidied up to leave your kitchen clean and mess free at the end of the party!

The “Cupcake Party” package includes:

  • The provision of all necessary ingredients, utensils, cookwear & tins
  • Fresh ingredients for each guest to make 4 large cupcakes
  • A variety of glacé and fondant icing, sprinkles & sweets for the guests to decorate their cupcakes according to their taste
  • Aprons  for party guests to wear during the party
  • Baking Certificate for each guest to take home as a keepsake
  • Cupcake box for each guest to decorate and carry home their delicious cupcakes!

This party takes approximately 2 hours and costs €210 for up to and including 10 children & €10 per child for each additional child.


Parties in Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow

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